you are my angel, come from above to bring me love.

what are your thoughts on the recent developments/what jess had to say

My thoughts = utter confusion.

There is so much things I don’t understand or can’t come to understand. And I don’t know what to believe in. 

All I know is that I will support Jessica.

I will also support the rest of SNSD for as long as it remains appropriate. 

circlejerk on this one is becoming a bit too much

im so sorry but what is a circlejerk 

I hope that jessica will build up her own company and slap that fucking SM so hard!

petition idea right here!!!!!

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I'm so devastated right now but we can get through this together

We can all get through anything. Let’s be the soshibond for jessica, for the other members, and for each other.

My lovely jessica.

Please continue to smile.

Continue to smile that smile we are all familiar with in whatever road you head next. I want you to be happy. 

This is really the biggest wish I have right now.

I remember when I first saw you in the RDR MV, when you first caught my attention on that random dorky clip of you on youtube, when you captured my heart with your attitude and stupid antics, and when I realized your voice was one of the greatest things I’ve ever heard.

With all this, you’ve made me happy as my three years a Sone and thank you so much for that.. so it’s only fair you have the same and even more. I may be confused but I trust in your choices. Even though SM is a total fuck up selfish company, you are not the same. I know you have and had good intentions. You’ve always been there for your eight other sisters, that’s something no one can ever deny. And with that I pray that the others are there for you in this terrible time. They say the others wanted you out too but fuck no and fuck that. I won’t believe in any of it. The OT9 bond was something everyone knew about, even the non Sones. So let it be there with you now because it was and is one of the greatest things about SNSD.

What hurts was that you wanted SNSD. You wanted your sisters. You wanted to do both of your dreams of a singer and designer, though people know that was something difficult. You went back to Korea and wanted to be with them but instead you were betrayed, you said, and hurt. Shocking you and everyone else. So with that I will never forgive SM and anyone involved.  

I honestly don’t know what I’m saying anymore and I probably don’t make sense since I’m still stunned and frozen from the news since this morning so all my words are all over the place.

My heart hurts and my mind is a blur. I have so many questions that are unanswered. 

But I love you, Jessica Jung..and that is something I’ll won’t forget. 

I will be with you always.

tomorrow no one's gonna know why i'm unhappy. why my eyes are a little puffy. i wish there was like a place were we can just tell each other everything's gonna be okay and remember all the good stuffs.

I will let you know:

Everything will be ok. <3

I will put my faith that Jessica is going to be ok and the rest of SNSD. ):

i've always lurked. but i just can't anymore. my heart. i don't know what to do. honestly i'm pretty sure this is mostly on jess but still. im crushed. OT9 forever

"It was never supposed to be OT8…"

Are the words I’ve been telling myself this whole day. 

hi, love you.

Hi ily too lets be strong together 

chokuo replied to your post “I can’t believe this.”

Happened out of nowhere. I am so pissed and hurt

I am feeling many things right now as well.